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Sam, Dean

March 2012

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Sam, Dean

Sing a Song for Me

Title: Sing a Song for Me
Author: Lynns1188
Pairing: J2
Rating: NC-17
Warning: NOT BETA’D (seriously, this is a big warning, because this means bad grammar and run-on sentences)
Words: About 2,900
Spoilers: None
Summary: Jensen finds out that Jared can sing pretty well (and because of that, folks, we know that this is a piece of fiction).

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters herein.
This story does not reflect any ideas, thoughts, or actions of the actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki or anyone else in real life. I'm just basically borrowing their names and their bodies.
In no way am I trying to offend the real people depicted in this story.
The following is a work of fiction and does not reflect on the true sexual orientation of the individuals featured. No harmful intent or defamation of character intended.

AN: I really wanted a fic where Jared could sing, and Jensen got really hot and bothered by it. Again, not a really great or epic fic, but one that I couldn’t get out of my head.

It was the day before hiatus. Smallville had already quit their filming a few days earlier, but Tom and Mike had agreed to stay for a few days so that Jared and Jensen could get together with them. It was supposed to be just a fun night. They had finished their first half of the season one of Supernatural, and Tom and Mike had insisted on staying so they could have a night of fun. Jared and Jensen were still unsure of the reception of Supernatural, and were nervous, so they had readily agreed to a night out with their friends.

Mike and Tom had dragged Jared and Jensen to a karaoke bar, Jensen rolling his eyes, because he knew how this trip would end.

They were on their second round of beers, and had managed to convince Mike and Jared to go get their third. “So, how you guys getting along?” Tom leaned forward, nodding towards Jared at the bar.

Jensen gave a small, but genuine smile at Tom. “Good. Actually, really good.” Jensen heard the surprised tone in his own voice and suppressed giving a bigger grin. Okay, so he had only allowed himself to cautiously hope that he would get along with his co-star. He knew that if they didn’t, the show would not last long. So he had hoped that they would get along, but had prepared himself for the worse.

What he hadn’t expected was to get along right away with Jared, and to genuinely like the guy from the start. He also had underestimated what fourteen hour days of constant contact would do. Instead of getting on each other’s nerves, which was also what Jensen expected, Jared and he, instead, just started getting closer. Which more than surprised Jensen. Not that Jared was a hard guy to like. He always had a grin on his face, and he definitely wasn’t stingy on physical contact. Whether it was a pat on the back, or a full bear hug (which Jensen would never admit to actually liking), Jared was always there to give someone some sort of friendly gesture.

And the guy could act, which may be one of the reasons he easily forgave Kripke of ditching Jensen’s portrayal of Sam, and instead propositioned Jensen to play Dean. The first read through with Jared, Jensen refused to admit to being impressed. Because really, Jared had the character down pat.

Of course, Jensen was pleased when Jared had been so surprised that Jensen had tried out for Sam, because in Jared’s words ‘you are Dean. I can’t imagine anyone else playing him.’

He had only known Jared for several months now, but already he couldn’t imagine his life without him. When he looked at Tom, the man was studying him, a small smirk on his lips. Jensen refused to blush, getting caught up in his thoughts about Jared.

Tom continued to smile at him. “Yeah. I figured you two would get along.” Mike and Jared were making their way back to the table, several beers in hand.

“Hey, J-Man scored the number from the bartender.” Jensen looked over Mike’s shoulders and sees a very good looking man behind the counter. Jensen raises his eyes to Jared. Jared had told Jensen from the beginning that his relationship with Sandy was something for show, something that they both wanted so that their love lives wouldn’t be splashed over the magazines. But still, Jensen wasn’t quite expecting Jared to be interested in…well, guys .

Jared didn’t meet Jensen’s eyes, and Jensen’s eyes widened. Jared was into guys…which was…which was more than okay. And of course he always sort of wondered in the back of his mind, especially when Jared had showed up one day at set with a pink shirt and sequences on his flip flops. Jensen let a smile cross over his face when Jared finally looked up. Jared smiled back, relief set in his eyes. Tom and Mike had completely missed the exchange, and instead were now goading Jensen into singing.

Jensen knew, of course, that he would be pushed into singing. He always was when there karaoke at the bar. He tried refusing, but saying ‘no’ to a drunk Mike was like trying to argue with a brick wall. Mike insisted, and Tom prodded, and Jared was no help at all with a small smirk on his face, so in the end, he ended up singing.

To pay them back for making him sing, he decided on a song originally sung by a all-boy band that sang pop. It was when the whole bar started booing at him that he got off the stage, confident that it would be the only song he was made to sing that night.

When he got back to the table, all the men were giving him dirty looks. He let a smirk cross his face as he sat down, taking a gulp of his beer.

“How about you, Jare?” Jensen grinned, and inclined his head up to the stage.

Jared’s eyes widened and he quickly shook his head. “No, man. I don’t want to make anybody’s ears bleed.”

Jensen wasn’t really into making people do stuff they didn’t want to do, so he nodded, and smiled. But then he caught Tom giving Jared a confused look. Tom opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted when Mike started to sing loudly at the table. His loud singing started to turn a couple of heads, and Jared started laughing. “I guess we should leave before we have to carry his ass.”

Jensen and Tom agreed, digging out the bills to leave at the table.


After that night, neither Jared nor Jensen felt it necessary to hide the more personal aspects of their life. Although, in a true male fashion, they never actually talked about it. They just were a little more open with it. For instance, Jared mentioned old boyfriends, and Jensen…well, Jensen didn’t really actually talk about his bisexuality, because some things were too hard to change, even if he knew now that Jared would be okay with it.

Despite that, Jared and Jensen seemed to get closer. They ended up spending nights at each other’s places, watching television, going out to bars or to eat, or just general hanging out.

They would play pool, or play station, or any other inane activities, and Jensen found himself talking about Jared to his parents and other friends, and soon Jared become and intricate part of Jensen’s life. And it really happened without Jensen’s awareness, and that just pissed Jensen off. Because there he was, minding his own business, and then there was this guy, who now Jensen couldn’t imagine his life without.

Jared would drag him along the network parties, and Jensen found it easier to talk to reporters and fans as long as Jared was around. Before Jensen knew it, two years had passed.

Now, his birthday was coming up and he knew that Jared, Tom, and Mike were planning something, and he really wanted to try to head that off, so he went to the most reasonable person of the three: Tom.

Tom, of course, could understand him not wanting to make a big deal about his birthday. “But, man, Jared’s really excited about it. He’s been planning…” Tom’s voice trailed off, and he ducked his head when he realized he might have said too much.

Jensen shook his head. He knew Jared was excited about whatever he was planning, and could tell by the way Jared would bounce up and down whenever he was trying to hide the fact that he even knew about Jensen’s birthday.

“I know, man, I know he’s excited. I just don’t want him to go to all that much trouble. I mean, you know me. I don’t like…”

“Naw, man, I know you don’t like all the attention, but Jared’s being really great organizing this thing. He’s…It wont be such a big deal. He just rented the karaoke bar for the night, and invited a whole bunch of people. C’mon man, it’s not that big of a deal. And hey, man, we can finally convince Jared to sing to you. It’ll be great.”

Jensen rolled his eyes. “Sure, maybe he’ll sing and scare away all the guests.”

Tom gave him a strange look. “What are you talking about? Jared’s a good singer.”

Jensen gave Tom an incredulous look. “Have you heard Jared sing?”

Tom nodded. “Yeah. He was totally smashed at the time, but he’s a decent singer.”

Jensen’s brow furrowed. “But I’ve heard him sing. He’s loud, and…well, not good.” Jensen shrugged away the guilt that started to gnaw at him. He didn’t feel good, arguing about Jared being a bad singer. It didn’t feel right, but Jensen was confused.

Tom snorted, “What, you don’t think he could make his voice sound bad on purpose? He must be pulling one over ya, because the guy can sing. I mean, he’s no you, but the boy can hold a tune.”

Jensen doesn’t really know how to react to this news. He’s heard Jared sing, off tune and loud. But, why not sing for real? Why not sing like Tom said he could sing? Jensen shook his head, deciding to let Jared plan the party. It was one night out of his life, and maybe, perhaps, he’d be able to find out why Tom thought Jared could sing.


Jared had really outdid himself. Jensen knew, of course, what was going to happen. Tom had pretty much spilled what was going to happen. Jared lured Jensen to the bar, saying that he just wanted to buy his friend a drink on his birthday. Already knowing a party was waiting for him, he hesitated. But Jared’s wide eyes of anticipation had him bracing himself and following Jared through the bar door.

He tried to act surprised when the room was filled with people from who worked on Supernatural, and a few from Smallville. He didn’t have to act surprised when Chris and Steve came through the crowd. Jensen gave a startled laugh, happy to see his friends.

He wondered through the crowd, getting pats on the back, and well wishes. Almost the whole crew was of Supernatural was there, and the ones he had been close to on Smallville had come.

Soon, a couple hours had passed and he was sitting at a table with Jared, Tom, Mike, Chris, and Steve. It was at a Karoke bar, so he had already been made to sing twice. A lot of people from Supernatural were getting quite drunk, making Jared practically gleeful at seeing certain directors making asses of themselves.

“Hey, Jay-Man, heard you were pulling one over Jensen.” Jared stared at Tom, his brows furrowing in confusion. Tom took another swig of his beer. “Jensen, here, thinks you can’t sing.”

Jensen watched in interest as Jared’s whole face turned red. “I, well, I…” It was interesting, because Jensen had never seen Jared stutter before. It would almost be funny, except right now Jared was being confronted with lying to Jensen. Jared looked at Jensen. “I can’t. Not really. I mean, not like you can.”

Jensen searched Jared’s face, and his eyes widened. Jared was actually shy . Jared, who basically enveloped Jensen in a hug the first day they met, as well as later in front of hundreds of cameras, was actually shy about his singing.

Jared’s face was becoming red. “I just, I can sing, not like you. You’re good. I …” Jared glanced up at Jensen, then ducked his head again. Jared was obviously becoming embarrassed.

Maybe Mike realized this too, because he suddenly got the hugest grin on his face. “Man, you’re not half bad. Why don’t you go up there and show Jenny.”

Jared quickly shook his head, his eyes going wide. He turned to Jensen with a pleading look, and Jensen had to bite down on the inside of his cheek to not give in. While Jensen wasn’t usually into pressuring people into doing something they didn’t want to do, he also was someone who, ever since Tom revealed that Jared had talent, wanted to hear Jared sing. Almost desperately so. And it was driving Jensen nuts.

Jensen bit his lip, and stared down at his beer. He tried to get his mind off Jared’s singing, or lack there of. He couldn’t really understand why it was such a big deal, and why Jared had gone so far as to fake singing badly.

“It’d be a nice birthday gift,” Jensen said softly, but knew Jared heard him. Red started to creep up Jared’s neck as Jared stared at Jensen. The table grew quiet, most sensing the tension, but not understanding it.

Jensen stared back at Jared, not flinching at Jared’s pleading look. Jared backed down first, glancing at the table. Then he gave a small nod to no one in particular and stood up, heading towards the stage. Chris was giving Jensen an amused look, but Jensen ignored it as he stared at Jared setting up whatever song he was going to sing.

Tom and Mike started yelling toward the stage, whooping Jared’s name and giving loud clapping. The whole room seemed to notice that Jared was about to sing; some groaned at the prospect, having heard Jared sing before, and some started cheering loudly.

The familiar tune of ‘With or Without You’ by U2 started playing, and Jared sang.

The crowd quieted once Jared started singing, and Jensen could tell that a lot of them were expecting some sort of joke, not a serious song.

Jensen stared at the stage, his eyes glued on Jared. Jared was singing, but was keeping his eyes closed. The song had was steady, but wasn’t too fast. Jared’s voice was deep and soft, and his voice seemed to penetrate through Jensen.

The words cut through Jensen and he found himself holding his breath. Jared was up there, standing there, his lips up to the microphone, and all Jensen could think about was how hot it had become in the room, and how all of sudden his pants weren’t fitting as well as they had been. He, of course, had forgotten how hot he found it when someone he loved sang like this on the stage. That had led to problems earlier in his life, when he didn’t really like Chris in that way, but always got hot and bothered when Chris went to sing. He had thought he was over that habit, but apparently Jared was making the habit reappear.

The song ended, and there was a moment at silence. Then loud cheering came from a crowd. Jared’s eyes locked with Jensen’s before he quickly got off the stage and headed towards the men’s room.

Jensen got up, and followed Jared. Chris’s voice called out after him, “Have fun!” Jensen didn’t bother answering though. Soon he was opening the men’s room door and he saw Jared splashing water on his face. Jensen quickly shut the door and locked it behind him.

Jared turned around but his eyes were lowered to the floor. “Jensen, I’m sorry I lied to you, it’s just…”

Jensen didn’t even give Jared a chance to finish the sentence before he had slammed Jared up again the wall and claimed his mouth. Jared didn’t move for a moment, but soon he opened his mouth under Jensen’s persistent tongue. Jensen pulled away, “You singing was fuckin’ hot.”

Jared’s eyes widened comically before Jensen attacked his mouth again. Jensen started to thoroughly explore Jared’s mouth. This seemed to wake Jared up because the next thing Jensen knew he was being turned around and he was being slammed against the wall. The kiss continued, hungry and fierce. Soon both were out of breath, and Jared’s full body was pressed against Jensen’s body, his chest heaving.

Jensen lifted Jared’s shirt and started to feel the smooth stomach underneath. Jared lowered his head, moaning into and licking Jensen’s neck and shoulder. Suddenly, Jared was on his knees and fumbling at Jensen’s belt.

Jensen closed his eyes, his hands resting on Jared’s shoulder and hair. He leaned against the wall, not believing that this was really happening. After about two years of circling around each other, of the flirting, the hints, and innocent and not-so-innocent touches, this was finally happening.

“Jensen,” Jared’s voice snapped Jensen out his thoughts. He lowered his gaze to Jared’s face. “If I had known that all I needed to do was sing for you…” his voice trails off and Jared’s hot mouth circles Jensen’s cock. Jensen gasps, grasping at the wall, trying to find something to grab on to. Jared’s tongue worked around his cock, circling it, teasing it, and Jensen had to stop himself from shouting.

Then Jared started sucking, and Jensen practically blacked out. He felt Jared hold his hips steady and Jensen sucked in a deep breath. It was only minutes later that Jensen gave a startled yell, and Jared was wiping cum from his mouth.

Jared trailed kisses over Jensen’s stomach, and got back up on his feet. He kissed Jensen, and Jensen tasted himself on Jared’s mouth. Jensen was about to return the favor for Jared, when a loud knocking came over the door. Both Jared and Jensen jumped, and the loud voice of Chris came through the doors.

“I know you boys are probably busy in there, but there are people out here that are getting antsy. There’s only one men’s room in this place.”

Jared and Jensen quickly cleaned themselves up and Jensen was about to open the door when Jared grabbed his arm. Jensen looked up at the heated gaze directed at him. “Come over to my place tonight?”

Jensen gave a small smirk. “Only if you sing another song for me.”


AN: My first time writing some sex past the R rating mark, so be kind!! Hope you enjoyed


oh man that was hot!!
Aw, if only Jared could sing, lol. You knew know though, hahaha.
Really cute! Loved how Jensen was all hot and bothered by Jared's singing :)