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Sam, Dean

March 2012

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Sam, Dean

Taking down stories...

Hi all,

I don't know if anybody even watches this journal, but I thought I'd give a warning: I'll be taking down the J2 story "Sleeping with the Enemy" and the Smallville AU story of "Two Weeks Notice".

I just feel that these two stories are so unoriginal (I mean, literally, they follow the movies they're based on so close that a majority of their scenes have actually quoted dialogue from the movie). I might try to revamp the stories so that they have the basic idea, but at least a little bit original. I'm not sure.

I'm just warning people because I myself hate it when authors take stories down without notice.

So, It'll be a few days from now, but just letting you know that they'll be taken down.

Thanks all who actually read and thanks to people who commented on the stories. I loved all those comments!

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Just saw this post after coming from my memories to reread Sleeping With the Enemy. :(

Can I get a copy of it? Pretty please!
Yes, but it might be a few days till I can get it for you (sorry!) I have to dig it up from my old hard drive. Do you want to PM me your email address?

I wish I had seen this earlier. I loved that story and lost it. I was hoping to find it again. Oh, well! Thanks for writing it!!

Sleeping with The Enemy story

Aww....drat. Is there any chance or place of still reading this story.

It sounds fun to me.

Thank you,

I loved Sleeping with the Enemy, I thought it made a wonderful J2 AU.
Is there a url for each? I'd love to snag a copy before you take them down.
I can't seem to find anything myself : )